IELTS Course

دوره های ایلتس

IELTS Preparation

Courses in Academy

IELTS Courses Collection:

IELTS courses at the institute in three sections: Pre- IELTS, IELTS, Post-IELTS Are held. – Pre-IELTS courses that are held in a total of 12 semesters of 20 sessions in the following sections: 1) Basic course (4 semesters), 2) Intermediate course (4 semesters) 3) Upper-intermediate course (4 semesters) – IELTS courses and sections including: 1) Level “A” to get grades 4-5 2) Level “B” to get scores 5–6 3) Level “C” to get grades 6-7 4) Level “D” to get scores higher than 7

- Post-IELTS webinars and courses
During this period, the company is open to the public, both in person and in absentia, but the main target audience is specific and includes especially language teachers, researchers and
Near-native English Speaker participants

Webinar formation, online and remotely
It is being formed and developing, which includes:
3 12-session sessions with a specific focus, independently, on each of the four language skills, including:
- Listening
- Reading
- Speaking
- Writing

The above courses are for the purpose of gaining complete mastery and for special preparation for participating in the relevant exam